Get Down

I love a stage. I like looking at them, being on them, setting them, the presence they provide—I just love them.


So, when we were leaving a concert the other night and there was an opportunity for me to get on the stage and enjoy a lovely photo shoot, I leapt on it—literally and figuratively.


Music was playing, there was just enough backlight, it was perfect.


Rated R pulled out her phone to take a few pictures when one of the stage hands yelled, “Get down!”


I threw down a few solid moves and replied, “I am getting down.”


“Not that kind of down,” was his response.


Just like that, he stole my five minutes of fame–which reminds me of a great electro pop song, 5 Minutes, by Mainframe…shiny objects.


Thus, within a matter of seconds, I got down. Twice.

Getting down before getting down.
Getting down before getting down.

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