I struggle with nice things and, if I’m being completely honest (which I am most of the time, sometimes), I am the reason I can’t have them.


My phone is a perfect example. Regardless of the brand or ‘durability’ of both my phone and my case, I have a knack for putting them to the test—the beta test. Unfortunately, I’m doing this after I’ve purchased the product so most companies don’t care about my insight. They only care if I’ve purchased insurance.


In the early months of my purchases, I often opt for the insurance. After a year or so, I cancel the insurance because I feel like I’m just flushing my money down the toilet at that point.


Most recently, after canceling my insurance, I decided to go ahead and flush my money and my phone down the toilet. Luckily it was only urine and I was able to retrieve it quickly. I did my best to wipe off the residue and then stuck my phone in rice. In the process, a grain of rice got stuck in on of my ports and, although my phone was somewhat working, the charger adapter no longer fit.


As a result, I was forced to purchase a new phone. I’ve been eligible for an upgrade for many months, but I really like my case and haven’t been able to find it for new models. My case was great. It flipped open from the bottom and I could easily store and retrieve three cards: ID, debit card and, most important, library card. I love this feature because it didn’t require me to use a purse but many of my friends and others expressed concern that if I lost my phone, I would lose my ‘life. Seems a bit drastic.


Luckily, many phone case manufacturers are on my side and I was able to find a case similar to the one I had owned and grown to love. I purchased a new phone, added the insurance, popped it in my new case with my three cards.


A few days later I went shopping with Live Longer and, for some reason, brought my purse and my phone. We checked out the jewelry, purse, shoe and clothing section of the store and when I found a pair of capris that I could not live without I reached into my purse to find I did not have my phone.


I checked the dressing room—empty. Another customer tried calling it—crickets. Live Longer searched her car—popcorn (she found a few pieces under her seats).


We decided to retrace our steps starting with purses. Live Longer dialed my number and we immediately heard a faint ringing. Amazed and excited we started rifling through the purses. At the bottom of the pile was a small ringing messenger bag I had ‘tried on’ because I thought it would be nice for traveling. Wanting to make sure it met my needs, I put my phone inside to ensure it would fit. Then, after walking around with the purse on me for a while I determined that, even though it was only $15, it wasn’t something I had to own. Thus, I tossed the purse into the pile—phone and all.


I didn’t really feel like I lost my life but I did come to the realization that this one act may result in a lot of pursecution.

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