Martha, Martha, Martha

With a new year approaching, many people resolve to commit to new or renewed beliefs or behaviors – go to the gym, spend less, save more, eat less, travel, quit drinking and/or doing drugs, spend more time with family and friends (Side note: These are all impossible resolutions if one truly commits to spending more time with family and friends). For most, these resolutions quickly fall to the back burner.

I’ve actually never made any of these resolutions. At least, not wholeheartedly. I’ve thought about doing a few of them (those that I don’t already do) but never moved from the place of contemplation to completion. I blame this on my upbringing. When I was a child, I attended church with my family. It was often preached that thinking was the same as doing. I was a thinker, so I had ‘done a lot’ by the time I was baptized at the ripe age of eight. Fortunately, the baptism was meant to wash away all of my sins. Fortunately, like a freshly bathed dog, I ran right back outside and rolled in the dirt; or, at a minimum, I thought about doing it. I’ve been rolling in the dirt for many years now – keeping my wolf scent fresh.

Recently, I hosted a holiday party – something I used to do more frequently and have been thinking about doing for some time. I invited friends, a few family members, spent money, and ate and drank a lot. While some aim to put the ‘Christ’ in Christmas, I put my attention on the ‘mas.’ For those who don’t know, ‘mas’ is ‘more’ in Spanish and I’m all about more; especially if its a good thing.

After the party, I began the clean-up. I found a lot more alcohol and food than what was originally provided and I found a few more ‘gifts’: a couple of Loxitane (one was in my boot – a very European way to leave a gift), a pair of prescription sunglasses, and a set of keys.

A few days later, I went shopping and ended up buying way more than I really needed. When I returned home, I began unpacking the shopping bags and found another set of keys. I was beginning to think I was part of an unofficial key party.

I decided to research the symbolism behind keys and discovered a few ‘key’ things they represent: privileged access, freedom, knowledge, success, liberation, good dreams, authority, and power. I also learned about St. Martha and I discovered she and I share some common behaviors. She’s all about hospitality, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, respects a good broom, and is often portrayed with a set of keys.

I decided to take my research a little further and typed, ‘Who is better Mary Magdalene or Martha?’ My laptop, knowing me better than most, immediately auto populated, ‘Who is better Mary Magdalene or Martha’s Vineyard.’ Martha’s Vineyard for the win (coincidentally, ‘win’ always auto corrects to ‘wine’ and ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ auto corrects to ‘earth girls are easy’)! Martha, Martha, Martha’s Vineyard, I think I owe you a visit again. I’ll grab a set of keys and head your way.