Stand Up and Stand Out

This morning I got into my car needing to hear something powerful.


I popped in my Wilson Phillips CD, grabbed my car mic, cranked the volume and belted out Release Me several times before arriving at work.


I changed the words a bit to fit my situation and it went a little something like this….


I know that it’s time for a change
Mmm but when that change comes
Will my pay be the same?


How many times have I tried to turn this job around?
I don’t want to give up
But maybe it’s time I had two feet on the ground
With a standing desk….
With a standing desk….


…I’m not going back to here anymore
Finally my weakened soul is healing though very slow
So stop coming around my door
‘Cause I’ve moved into a cubicle…..


Herman Miller
Herman Miller
You knew this time would finally come
‘Cause we wanna be free
but this standing desk is not that easy…


Release me
Release me


As I sang this song and, of course, Hold On, I was reminded of the many amazing friends I have in my life and, as a woman, the importance of NOT leaning in.




It is often the moments you are ‘silenced’ when your voice is the loudest and heard by the most people.


You’ve got this. Grab your car mic and stand out at that red light because Carnie and the girls were right, things will go your way!