Pilot Episode

Like so many artists, Tree and I have been discussing a show idea for years. We’ve even gone so far as to purchase wardrobe for our pilot episode, scouting locations and identifying guests.

The wardrobe/outfits have been sitting amongst many of my other costumes in my costume box/room.

Every so often, Tree will inquire as to when we are actually going to pull them out, try them on and produce our episode.

Tonight, after a few glasses of wine, we decided to pull them out and put them on.

Sadly, he wasn’t pleased with the fit. I, however, could not have been more pleased. Thus, I pulled out my rollerskates to compliment the outfit and put Awkward–resident director of photography—to work.

So, without further ado, here is a pilot of our pilot episode.

I’ve no doubt this show will take off. Maybe not as quickly as Tree took off his flight attendant attire, but in time.

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