What’s the Bigamy Idea?

T came to visit me in my office today and some of the stuff she was telling me had me ROFL. Not really. I mean, she did say a lot of funny things, but I didn’t ROFL.

We decided that from now on when people say something funny, instead of laughing, we are going to repeat, with no breaths in between, “LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL,” occasionally followed with a deep and winded, “Oh, oh, ROFL, LMAO, stop, you’ve got to stop,” all the while holding our side and buckling over. OMG, just typing this makes me LOL.

We were talking about relationships and marriage when she made a comment which inspired me to ask if she and her beau had plans to marry. She sweetly replied they did. I reminded her she would need to get a divorce first (she has been separated from her “husband” for many, many moons) and she said, “I know, I keep forgetting about that.”

The idea of continuing to forget about it and move on with the new marriage was discussed – she stated that would be bigamy and I replied, “Ah, who cares anyway!?! What’s the BIGamy idea?!?!

That really got her going. She started LOLing and ROFLing repeatedly. TTFN.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Bigamy Idea?”

  1. Why thank you Rich! Just wanted to let you know your story was my inspiration….Heavenly Father and Jesus won’t be ROFLing when they see what you’ve done!

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