Screaming Play

Last year Fru Fru Pants and I decided to buy season tickets to one of the local theaters. Tonight was our monthly outing so we stopped at a local eatery for some food and drinks before the show. Waiter Gip knew right away that we were heading to the show.

I asked Fru Fru Pants, “Does something about us scream play?” She replied, exactly how I knew she would, “I always scream ‘play,’ but that’s just me.”

In case you were wondering, and because the url implies I might partake, I decided to pair an Italian Pinot Grigio with chowder, oysters, dessert, Twelve Angry Men and intermittent naps during the play. I found this to be an excellent pairing.

As we started making our way home we were discussing stalkers and technology, specifically GPS devices. We thought it might be nice if, when we got lost while using our GPS device, because we accidentally changed the language setting to French or Pirate-wait, that’s facebook-our stalker could just pipe in, “Don’t be dim, turn right, turn right…..Oh, and I really liked that orange outfit you wore yesterday.”

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