This evening I was chatting with my BFF about clutter, cleaning and cleansing. We decided to clean our nightstands while on the phone and, in doing so, I came across a lot of old cards and documents that should have been junked long ago.

I thought about all of the ways I could “cleanse” myself of these tattered bits of my past and decided that instead of getting rid of the energy (which I had tried earlier at NIA), I would tear it, shred it, burn it and toss it in the bin for morning retrieval to ensure a complete cleanse.

You see, I’ve tried spiritual cleansing and speaking to the universe (note to universe: may be time for you to get a hearing aid….BFF and I compared notes and it seems neither of us have been heard) and it seems when I speak to or throw the negative energy to the universe, it just boomerangs right back to me.

I think I’ve given the universe several chances. I even googled it today to make sure I had the right “address.” My search was informative. I learned humans are advanced “pattern recognition machines;” a universal concept I can buy.

Once a week, I roll my bin curbside, the truck comes by, retrieves the contents, and I never see them again. This is a pattern I recognize, respect and appreciate because it is boomerang free. To this day, I have never had my bin come back full (probably because I pay my utility bill).

2 thoughts on “Boomerang”

  1. hahahhahaha! you amaze me with your writing skills. it’s one thing being as witty as you are, but you are a kick ass writer as well.

    love you.


  2. Thanks – I’m so glad you liked it BFF! I’m taking my bin curbside first thing tomorrow morning! I held on to my “What I want” list. I’ll blogblab about it soon, I’m sure! Love you girl!

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