Day late = pregnant?

I can’t believe I’m one day late on my blog! As a result, I feel like I’m ready to give birth to loads of thought. You’re probably all wondering why I didn’t blog yesterday and the answer is simple: Jackson Hole. I got a last minute invitation to visit Wyoming and couldn’t resist. I love a road trip!

Me and V had a great time tooling around the town. While looking at the museum (which was closed, so we only looked at it), we talked about how much fun it would have been to live during the “wild, wild west days.” Then we (or maybe just I) talked about how great it would have been to be a wench, living among the pirates. V is convinced I just like the sexual aspect and I advised her that really wasn’t it at all, I like the clothes.

We made our way to the infamous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, started mingling with other tourists, danced a little, and then started taking pics. Some of the other tourists wanted V and I to get in on their pics. V quickly replied, “No way, I don’t want that to end up on myface.” She’s so crazy! Myface. Funny! So, the rest of the night we joked with her about ending up on her face.

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