Hold your applause

Two weeks and one extended stay after leaving North America America for North America Canada, I decided it was time to return home. This decision was questioned several times by my Canadian counterparts; specifically, YumYummy’s youngest son.


“Did you get a job?” he asked me as I wheeled my suitcase to the door.


“Not yet,” I replied.


“Then why are you leaving?” was his follow up question, coupled with a little bit of judgment.


“Well I probably need to start working a little harder on getting a job,” I advised.


“Why? You can just keep living in our basement,” he kindly offered.


As much as I would love to continue living in the basement of YumYummy, her beau and her kids, I feel is probably in my best interest to actually secure gainful, legal employment…just as soon as I return from my next vacation.


So, for now, please hold your applause.

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