Dance Party

When I was a child I loved to perform. My brother and I would write plays and make our family and anyone else we could wrangle to the set (fireplace) watch us deliver our lines in academy award winning fashion.


We were certain that our rendition of Joseph, Mary and Jesus at the Inn would surely catch the eye of three wise producers. But we didn’t perform for the fame or notoriety, we did it for our fans and for the love of acting.


Thirty years later, not much has changed. I love a stage. Add a microphone and karaoke (especially machines made in the Philippines) and I am all over it.


Add anyone else who is willing to join me – even those who will regret it later – and I am in heaven.


Thanks to social media and technology my adult performances are heavily documented; usually by heavily intoxicated individuals, myself included.


While in Canada I had the good fortune of enjoying two major ‘days’ on th same day: Canada Film Day and international Dance Day. According to my peeps, first wasn’t a huge celebration.


“Canadians don’t even watch Canadian films; Strange Brew excluded,” YumYummy informed me.


Altough sad to hear, this news made sense to me. I’m far more intrigued with their public awareness campaigns, such as, “Don’t put it in your mouth,” a campaign focused on safe use of medications. They had me at their tag line, “Always ask someone you love before putting anything in your mouth.”


I should have asked YumYummy before I put a couple of shots of tequila in my mouth. Unfortunately, I did not. Fortunately, neither did Sweller. This resulted in a dance party, in honor of International Dance Day, that would cause Jennifer Grey to come out of the corner.


Luckily, thanks to modern technology, I was able to document most of our amazing moves and shad them with the World Wide Web.


Just as I thought when I was a child, I’ve no doubt wise producers will soon be knocking at my door.

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