Real, Full Name

There are a lot of buzz words floating about society. Words such as transparency, empowered, covert, and epidemic. I often read these words in documents or stories and hear them in speeches and interviews.


Personally, I don’t care much for any of these words. Unless, of course, you combine a few of them – covert transparency (sounds legit) or empowered epidemic (we all know empowerment is supposed to garner positive results, so this should work out really well).


When I hear the words spoken I often think, “Hear we go again with the wished I was buzzed words.”


That was until I heard a story about voices and what they – not the words we say – reveal about us.


I found it interesting and decided to participate in the experiment. I grabbed my phone and quickly made a voice memo, following the script, as instructed.


Thus, without further ado and with complete covert transparency, I reveal to you my real, full name:


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