Love Street

My babysitting gig was several miles from my home. In fact, for as long as it took to drive to and from work, I think there is a good chance it was actually in a different state. I’ve been to this house many times and seem to take a different route each time. This isn’t on purpose, rather, it is because I have no idea where I’m going once I hit the rural roads.


Once I found the house, I switched out Dirk for the mom car (equipped with carseat and diaper bag), and turned on the music. I wasn’t surprised by Q’s excellent options in the CD player, but I must admit I was moved by Love Street – the 1968 song by The Doors.


Jim Morrison originally wrote this song as a poem, with his girlfriend Pamela Courson, while living in Laurel Canyon, sitting on the balcony and watching hippies pass by. This really made me miss my urban dwelling, where we regularly sit on the stoop and watch the passersby. Just like the lady on Love Street, I have a home, garden, robes, monkey (not plural, but stuffed), a few flunkies (with and without diamond studs – one or two who are in the ‘pen’), wisdom and, of course, you.


If you’d like to see what happens here on my ‘Love Street,’ stop on by, I’m finally home. La la la la la la la la….

2 thoughts on “Love Street”

  1. It would be an honor to be on your website – thank you! I saw you are looking for bloggers….happy to help if I can. Anytime you’re near Love Street, let me know and I’ll have a glass of wine poured and waiting.

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