Somewhat responsible

Last week, Q was faced with a dilemma: she had to go out of town for a few days and needed a babysitter. Thus, this week, I began my overnight babysitting job – my resume is getting longer and longer.


A few days before the babysitting job, I was spending time with various friends and coworkers,when the topic came up. Each time, I got nearly the same response. “You’re babysitting somebody’s kid? Overnight? Really?” Yes, I am babysitting somebody’s kid. Overnight. Really. Once people realized that their inside voice came out (this was usually because my ‘outside facial expression’ was very clear), they would try to correct it, “I mean, you just seem so, you know.” One even added, “Not the mom type.” To which I replied, “It’s hard to be a milf without the ‘m.'”


Even my boss lacked faith in me. When I mentioned I might be late to work the next day because of my babysitting duties he said, “OK,” and then gave me a startled look and said, “Where is the baby now?” “Daycare,” I calmly and responsibly replied.


Despite popular belief, I am actually somewhat responsible. By that I mean, every now and again, I pay my bills, wake up on time, show up at work, and make delicious homemade drinks – nobody can resist my margaritas and mojitos.







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