Check it out now girls, yeah

One of my favorite meals for dinner is dessert. So, when I made a decision to have white peach frozen yogurt for dinner, and Opreggano decided to join me, I knew it was going to be a good night.


I originally suggested she bring Indigo and we could walk from my house. It would be a bit of a trek, but it would be worth it because of one two-syllable word: dessert.


Once she arrived, I provided an alternate suggestion – we take the Infront to the yogurt shop and then walk around the park that is across the street. “I like that idea better. Perfect lesbian outing,” she replied. So, we hopped into the Infront, with Indigo in his position in the back, and began our date.


Unfortunately, Opreggano left the leash at my house. As a result, we ended up getting our dinnert and returning to the stoop to eat and peoplewatch.


As always, the stoop provided us good entertainment. The unicyclist was riding up and down the street until he fell off his unicycle when his mom surprised him from the porch with a loud, “Good job! Uh oh, did I scare you? Sorry.” “That looks like it hurts,” Opreggano replied with concern.


The neighbor who normally takes his shirt off, thus is usually only in his underwear – not shorts, underwear – to do any and every task, opened his front door and an elderly (80ish) woman exited. She shuffled to the driveway and stood there for about five minutes – cane in one hand, handbag in the other – until he finally came out of the house (dressed). This was taking the term ‘cougar’ to a whole other extreme – ‘endangered species’ might be more appropriate.


We decided to go for a walk, which involved our standard peeping in neighbor’s windows – something we only do if they know us, are home (preferably), and we know it will be funny.


As the walk was coming to an end, we saw a very flamboyant man walking two dogs and repeating to them, in a very gay tone, “Check it out now girls, yeah.” “Is that his command to them?” I asked. “Sounds like it,” Opreggano said while watching in awe. “You’re going to miss living downtown. All of this goodness is frowned upon in the country,” I told her. “I know, I know. I’m going to miss people riding their bikes while wearing a gas mask (something we saw the other day while going to our design class) and, of course, that guy.” “Well, you better check it out now girl, yeah, because you’ll be gone soon.”