Missed Opportuntity

I don’t always Zumba, but when I do, I quite like to do so in a pool.


I realize this location tends to draw more of a mature audience but I’m glad to be the immature one in any group.


This last Saturday, I had the privilege of pool Zumba with a new instructor – new to me, anyway (this was only my second class this season).


I had taken measures to ensure my swimsuit did not reveal any of my bits or tits; specifically, my tits. Previous experience at pool Zumba had ‘revealed’ to me that the excessive bouncing and jumping up and down was not necessarily suited for a bikini.


Thus, I purchased a well-supported tankini.


As the class progressed, it was proving to be a wise purchase.


The same was not true for the instructor. Although she was not wearing a swimsuit – because they stand outside the pool to teach the class – she was wearing a low-cut top and one of her her girls was very interested in being seen.


As she would jump up and down her nip would slip just a wee bit. Every now and again, however, it was like the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII, minus the pastie.


So, for those who think pool Zumba is only for mature adults, please note, you are correct and, clearly, not attending is a missed opportuntity.

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