Red Zone

Once on board the red-eye flight I requested a glass of red wine. The flight attendant kindly and swiftly delivered my red wine…in a plastic cup. Apparently, even in first, people drink like they’re in coach.


I was in the very front row with no one in front of me and, being that the plane was an older model, there were no monitors.


It was late, and I’m not an avid watcher of television, so I wasn’t bothered. Instead, I enjoyed my wine and stared off into space, literally.


At some point, I fell asleep. At some point later, I jolted awake, causing my red wine to spill all over my pants and jacket.


I didn’t let this get to me because 1) I was tired, 2) I didn’t care, 3) nobody saw it happen (red-eye perk), and, 4) like our captain, I’m all about the red zone.


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