Dress for the Part

In addition to riding my bike and drinking coffee these last two weeks, I have also been filling out job applications.


To my good fortune, I have an interview scheduled next week. Due to the fact I’ll be busy on the day of the interview (I’m very busy not being employed), I plan to participate via Skype.


“Being that the interview will be online, do you think I need to wear pants?” I asked Tree, Awkward and Live Longer.


None of them felt that pants or other attire from the waist down would be necessary.


“Good. I’ll be like a news anchor. Nice shirt. Great hair and makeup. No pants, skirt, shorts or pajama bottoms.”


“Then, when the interview is over, stand up and, when they see you’re bottomless, you can say, ‘I’m sorry. I thought this interview was for a forestry position,'” Live Longer said, barely able to complete her sentence she was giggling so much.


Now that I’ve got my outfit figured out I just need to make sure to have an incredible backdrop (I’m thinking YumYummy drinking a glass of wine while seated at a bistro table will be perfect), good posture, a well-lit room and, most importantly, to not get caught up in staring at myself instead of the interviewers.

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