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With all of my time off lately I’ve decided to do more walking. Being that I live in a relatively central part of the city, this has proven to be rather entertaining.


The one place I almost always visit on my walks is the public library. In addition to checking out materials I am able to check out a lot of really interesting people which often provides me with, yet again, material.


I’m not the only one with a soft spot in my heart for a hardbound. Plenty of other friends have fond relationships with the library.


Just the other day Passed The Sniff Test informed me he only needs two things when he retires: a library card and a chair. He didn’t specify where the chair would be but I have a feeling it will be at the library.


Sleepless also loves the library. So much so, she recently finagled securing both a city and a county card. Some may call that cheating. I call it good for business.


What isn’t good for business is what I saw after leaving the library. On one of our main streets, where a lot of illegal activity occurs, I observed a woman in hot pants, a tank top with the straps below instead of over her shoulders, and pets and house slippers walking the streets, literally.


After a few minutes she got tired so she stood against a post and attempted to stand in a manner that screamed, “Outsource your insource.” Unfortunately, her location choice was less than choice. The sign attached to the post, that was positioned directly above her head, read, “DO NOT ENTER.”


Location, location, vocation. I dewey believe this woman’s location, vocation and circulation may, like an overdue library item, result in a few fines.

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