On the day of my Skype interview I washed my hair, did my make-up, reviewed my key messages, steamed my shirt (I outsourced this task to demonstrate managerial skills), and, as promised to many, I let my shirt take the lead in the interview.


The interview went well and, once I was certain the web cam was disconnected, I returned to my casual Friday/early retirement attire: jeans and a plaid shirt.


I was in the kitchen of YumYummy’s house, minding my own business (the only business in which I’m currently engaged), when her son entered the room singing.


“If you have a job and you know it clap your hands!” he happily belted out and smiled my way.


I wasn’t sure if he was aware of my job status, or the fact that I just participated in an interview, but based on his mood I had a feeling he knew something.


“I don’t have a job,” I told him.


“But you will after today’s interview,” he replied with confidence.


He then returned to making Duck tape wallets – a business he and a class mate started several months ago. It has now gone worldwide because they added ‘worldwide’ to the end of their company name. They’re still working out payment and shipping plans but they didn’t let something like that get in the way of their international dreams.


“This kid is like a young, red headed, Tony Robbins,” I thought to myself.


Then, I grabbed my cup of coffee and returned to the sofa to let the folks of daytime television guide and inspire me. So far, thanks to one week of watching while snacking and drinking, my jeans are starting to work overtime.


Perhaps, some time soon, I might want to get up and clap my hands. If I’m not clapping because I’m employed I’ll be clapping because I’m doing Hooked on Aerobics so I can soon fit into my jeans again. All that said, there’s really no need to worry about jeans fitting as long as I’m in the interview stage. So, for now, I’ll top off my coffee and see if I can find an old Tony Robbins infomercial.

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