Big apple

As evidenced by the multiple blog entries, getting from point A to point Zed was quite the process this go round.


After more than 12 hours I was finally on the last leg of my journey.


I was starving. Being that the first flight was a red-eye and I originally didn’t have much time in between flights I had not eaten anything other distilled grapes.


Fortunately, the passenger across the aisle had packed a few snacks and was kind enough to share them.


After I devoured his half-eaten granola bar he pulled a large Granny Smith apple out of his bag.


“Would you like to share this apple with me?” he asked.


My mind immediately went to Lady and the Tramp. Although I was unsure how this go down, and unsure if we would need to stop in between bites to the let the flight attendant pass through with the drink cart, I was hungry and his apple was big and shiny.


“I would love to,” I replied.


He then began looking for something to cut the apple. Due to federal regulations, he didn’t have anything in his bag that either was a knife or could double as a knife. Cut to the spaghetti scene…


Although we weren’t in first class, the flight attendants were kind enough to issue us a plastic knife. He sliced the apple and, sans accordion music (although with the young artist on the plane we totally could have had accompaniment), I took a bite of his big apple.


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