Early to Bed, Early to Wed

Unfazed and That’s Not Chinese have decided to get married. This is a pretty big deal for them and making the wedding plans has, so far, been fun.


They aren’t too sure about a location yet, so I recommended my back 40.


“It’s big, there’s plenty of parking and, if you get married between 6:45 AM – 7:45 AM on Thursdays, any time between May 28 and September 10, there is a river that runs through it. Very romantic,” I advised.


“A river?” Unfazed asked, interested, but not fazed.


“Yes, irrigation water,” I replied and added, “I can also see if the water master will run it a little longer the morning of the wedding, just in case you’re running late.


“6:45 in the morning?!?!” That’s Not Chinese, totally fazed, asked.


“Yes, that’s when the ‘water feature’ is scheduled this year. It’s a nice option. Besides, you know what Ben Franklin once said…” I replied.


That’s Not Chinese knows I know what Ben Franklin once said because while she was checking out library books about Africa I was stocking up on Poor Richard’s autobiographies.


“What did he say?” she asked.


“Early to bed, early to wed,” I replied.


I could tell she wasn’t sold on this idea or idiom, but I didn’t mind because I was already constructing a business plan for quick weddings with water features. Next on my agenda, a business name. Perhaps ‘Blood is Thicker than Irrigation Water’ or ‘Ebbs and Flows Marital Vows.’ Regardless, the concept and venue is sure to be a big hit.

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