Date, then mate.

11-11-11. This is the date that S-Unit has selected as the day she will marry. I am very excited for her and cannot wait to meet her fiancĂ© ; neither can she. She has decided to embrace The Field of Dreams concept – if she plans it, well, you know how it ends. We’re not sure when or how she will meet him, but we have faith in the marriage succeeding. “The majority of arranged marriages work out,” S-Unit advised me. She is correct. Statistics and beliefs behind them vary, but only about 4% of arranged marriages end in divorce. Many factors contribute to this statistic.


The actual wedding date, however, is not usually the primary factor considered in matchmaking. Vocation, wealth, beliefs, age, and reputation are more common considerations. As we were going through what factors/characteristics S-Unit might want in her mate, she provided an interesting sidenote, “I’m aging and, as I get older, I’m going to get less attractive.”


With the factors/characteristics and date in mind, I am ready to find S-Unit a mate. So, gentlemen, if you are single and not busy on 11-11-11, you might want to get in touch with me by no later than 11-10-11.


As I waited at the airport to fly home, I did what S-Unit and I always do, I assessed the situation. I didn’t see any potentials, but I did think of a fun new game to play at the airport, “Guess where I’m flying.” I played it for a bit and found it was easiest to win when they were wearing cowboy hats. Unfortunately, none of them appeared to be Texas tycoons. Rather, they appeared to be more like Texas goons.


The flight home was more successful than the flight to LAX; primarily because the pilot parked at the correct gate. Just before arriving at the gate the flight attendant made an announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Captain Boner and the entire flight crew, we want to thank you for flying Delta – where we find seatbelts to be of the utmost importance.” I’m not sure what the seatbelt comment was all about, especially since we were landing – might have been better to share that message at the beginning of the flight. I wondered if it was a subliminal message for, “wear condoms.” Regardless of the meaning behind seatbelts, I felt compelled to share some of this goodness with S-Unit, so I sent her a text, “Home safely, free of parking errors, thanks to Captain Boner – he really knows how to land it.”


I wonder what Captain Boner is doing on 11-11-11.

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