Red and White Unite

Today was interesting. Mostly, because it was. I thought about expounding on this and then decided I would save it for group.

More importantly, I made plans and implemented plans with some of my favorite people. In doing so, I got to experience a lot of great conversation. My favorite today was when my friend (not the “that’s not Chinese” friend) told me she lost five pounds. I looked at her, did some quick observation, and then said, “Stop looking. I found it. It’s on your back.” Yes, we’re still friends. I was kidding!

Later, I got to have drinks and dinner with a familiar friend and a new friend. I love new friends because all of my stories are new to them. For dinner, I paired a lovely grigio (don’t act surprised) with a BLT salad and a tollhouse pie. Delicious. After dinner, we had red wine. Thus, red and white unite. That’s all I’ve got.

2 thoughts on “Red and White Unite”

  1. Your wit makes me feel wholly inadequate.
    You have to stop now. One more awesome blog and I’ll be a kitten hanging from a window sill. 😉


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