Preparing for VD

With Valentine’s Day just one day away, I have been reminiscing about VDs of yesteryear. It’s funny what makes us think of former lovers. Holidays are always nostalgic and tend to spark those memories – medical history questionnaires are a lot like holidays. In fact, just yesterday I took a trip down memory lane while completing a medical history questionnaire at my doctor’s office.

Question: What are you doing to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases?

Answer: Avoiding my ex (and using condoms).

Surprisingly, my doctor read the entire questionnaire and was proper impressed with my answer.

It’s just one day away, enjoy your VD!

2 thoughts on “Preparing for VD”

  1. The title made me nervous to open the blog but I took the leap (protected). I was glad to find my initial VD thought was incorrect.

  2. A protected leap is always smart. You are a lot like most people, in that you are pleased to find your initial VD thought or feeling is incorrect.

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