Ethnicity. Is the “ethni” silent?

My friend was reading my blog today and advised me, “Uh, sushi, yea, that’s  not Chinese.” Touché (like sushi, this word is not Chinese). I thanked her for educating me about this matter and informed her the restaurant in which I was dining featured both Japanese and Chinese cuisine. In addition, I told her I do not see “ethni,” just city.

We then started talking about my ethni (silent) city and I told her I am a chameleon, mostly dependent upon the type of food I’m ordering. Based on the old days of segregation, I’m Greek in the cemetery; unfortunately this information has not helped me into posh Greek establishments. Now that I think about it, I’m part Asian. Half Cauc, half Asian. CaucAsian.

2 thoughts on “Ethnicity. Is the “ethni” silent?”

  1. It’s best not to go off Half Cauced. I would encourage you to get in touch with your inner Latina and have lunch at the Rio Grande Cafe.

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