Now who is the nasty girl?

Last night, when I stumbled upon the show ‘Free Agents,’ I took a picture (it was actually an article about the show, not the show itself) and sent it to a few of my friends who are familiar with what we fondly refer to as the ‘Honeycomb‘ story.


S-Unit quickly replied, “Your text cracks me up! Just got home, my phone is charging or else I would have called you.” I replied, “No worries, I’m cleaning like a dirty bitch.” I was texting back and forth with That’s Not Chinese, when S-Unit sent me a few more text messages, “Oops, just responded to the wrong text,” “Hahaha,” “You nasty girl.” I replied, “Now who is the nasty girl?” Her response, “Haha, someone just responded, ‘huh, wrong number.’ I’m dying laughing so hard!”


It was about this time when That’s Not Chinese sent me this text, “Just got a random text from la.” I sent her S-Unit’s phone number and advised her it was most likely from S-Unit. “LOL, yes, that is it. Awesome,” That’s Not Chinese replied and added, “You must have sent her a naughty pic, lol.” “I sent her the pic about the cryer. So funny. How did she respond?” “She said, ‘nasty girl.'”


I was sharing this story with Sleepless and Ice Cream Man and both of their faces lit up. “She sent the same text to me,” Sleepless said, pulled out her phone and showed me the message. “She sent me a text on July 16th as well – didn’t understand that one either.”


None of this behavior surprises me. Just last night, S-Unit called me and hung up, then called again and said nothing. “Don’t think you can just call me and breath in the phone,” I told her and added, “I am not Grandma Helen and you are not Jake Ryan (for those of you who don’t recall, that’s a reference to the 1984 John Hughes classic, Sixteen Candles).” Nothing but giggles on the other end of the line.


This evening, when S-Unit called me, she was still laughing about her erroneous text messages. “You know what I say, there is a song for everything, ‘Nasty girls, uh huh.'” “Did you know Vanity 6 (1980s band produced by Prince) refers to the number of breasts in the band?” I asked her. “They consider that Vanity? Hmmm. I wonder how Klymaxx got their name,” she pondered. She really is such a nasty girl.

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