Gay Friendly

It is not uncommon for Rated R and I to tool around town in her Subaru – both with and without her offspring and, occasionally, with her dog, Indigo (like the ‘Girls’). We realize this may give some people the impression that we are a couple and we embrace this impression.


Recently, however, Rated R had some real concerns after making a comment about her ‘lezbaru’ to another friend who has a sister who is a lesbian.


“I don’t think she realizes I like gays,” Rated R told Tree, Awkward, Sleepless and I then added, “It’s tricky being gay friendly.”


“Gosh, you guys have it hard,” Awkward quipped.


Tree then shared that he and Awkward plan to elope in San Francisco, after which they will hold a small reception here. I, of course, offered the Back 40 and recommended the water feature hour.


“We’ve got to wait for the next double discount days at Smith’s so we can get rings,” Tree informed us.


Good ol’ Smith’s/Fred Meyer Jewelers. Rated R and I have spent plenty of time shopping there together…

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